Portogruaro expressway completed: Eastgate Park is directly connected to the highway

The portogruaro expressway was finally completed and opened to traffic after a brief opening ceremony.
Thanks to this fundamental work, the traffic of the highway 14 (Triestina) is no longer force to cross Portogruaro City, with benefits for the city and the productive activities of the entire area.
Eastgate Park is located to least distance from the east graft of the bypass and thanks to the new infrastructure is directly connected, in less than 10 minutes, to Portogruaro’s highway tollbooth, and to the west city industrial area where Interporto Portogruaro and Savo have their headquarters.
So thanks to this infrastructure, an important relationship between the main logistics hubs of Portogruaro (Eastgate Park, Portogruaro Interporto, Savo) with the City of Portogruaro and the European Project “SETA” has been strengthened. The inauguration ceremony was attended by numerous local and national authorities: Mario Dalla Tor, Vice President of the Province of Venice, Roberto Ciambetti the regional city council member and Piero Ciucci, President of Anas, company that owns the regional roads. The lot opened is long 3.11 km. The required investment for this last lot is 45 million Euros. The entire expressway is about 12 km long with 14 different junctions connecting to existing roads.

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