Log/In: Eastgate Park present itself to the national logistic operators

Eastgate Park, the largest logistics hub of Venice district, introduces itself to the national logistic operator

with the event Log/In. In this occasion it will be possible reach out and touch the great potential of the

Park, now even more attractive thanks to the completion of the expressway that connects in just seven

minutes the highway, and ten minutes the industrial area of Portogruaro (Interporto di Portogruaro).


The event will be held October 24 in the Polins building, a Strategic Innovation Lab based in Eastgate Park.

The location of the logistics complex is strategic: it spreads over an area of about 1.8 million square meters

fully urbanized with a capacity of approximately 500,000 square meters. In the Park there are already made

three “type buildings”. Eastgate Park is an asset of Spazio Industriale fund which is managed by IDeA FIMIT

SGR. Celtic Italy is the exclusive agent for Eastgate Park.

The opening of Portogruaro expressway, which occurred a few weeks ago, is the greatest opportunity to

appreciate the reasons why Eastgate Park is an unparalleled location in the North East. The first location

along two major European corridors, the Mediterranean and the Adriatic Sea, in a central position between

two main ports in the North Adriatic sea – Venice and Trieste – and well connected to the highway system

(A4 Turin-Trieste, A28 Portogruaro-Conegliano, at 23 Udine-Tarvisio) and railways (Turin-Milan-Trieste, re-

training as a transversal axis of the TAV). And moreover for its property offer with buildings designed ad

hoc with low energy consumption and flexible solutions for every business.

For these very reasons, in the past two years has been done a great job of networking with logistics and

transport key players (as well as with local and regional administrations of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia)

to enter Eastgate Park in the Nord East infrastructure network. In these months’ work is being done to

improve Veneto Region infrastructure networking in order to facilitate access to European 2014-2020

funding programs.

It has also taken steps to update the Park layout. The result is a project which sets out clearly the important

role of Eastgate Park as a national and regional logistic HUB. It’s also planned a project that involve the park

as a base for a citylogistics activities in favor of the nearby beaches of Caorle, Bibione and Lignano


Logistics prospective in North East will be discuss at Eastgate Park during a round table with Antonio Ascari

(VP Business Development at CEVA Italy), Sandro Innocenti (Country Manager Prologis Italy), Adriano

Lapietra (Sales Operations Manager of Electrolux Appliances Spa), Pierluigi Cavicchini (Group Supply Chain

Director of De’Longhi Appliances srl) and Luciano Greco, professor of Public Finance at the University of


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